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Welcome to Wedistry. Our main goal is to make it easy for engaged Christian couples to keep your wedding party up to date through all your wedding events such as showers, fittings, and rehearsals. Invite each person from social media to their role in your wedding. After creating your wedding profile each wedding party member will be kept up to date throughout all wedding events with Wedistry.

About Wedistry

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Wedistry aims to save couples time, money, and stress of waiting months to complete the rsvp process for wedding planning. We are taking this process completely online with social media to make wedding planning enjoyable again.

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Save months in planning

The process begins by each couple selecting their wedding guests from social media accounts and selecting wedding events and dates. Wedistry will verify guest attendance and send invitations for wedding events such as Save the Date, Wedding Showers, Bridal Parties, and Rehearsal Dinners. Wedistry lets guests know when to be at your event in time to have fun!

Create Wedding Profile

Add your friends from Facebook to their role in your wedding such as Maid of Honor or Groomsman. Your friends’ role in your wedding party will be available when they accept their invitations to your Wedistry. Enter all of your wedding events, times, and locations and your wedding profile will be complete!


Every guest on the same page

We will help all of your wedding guests be on the same page when it comes to know when and where to be for all your wedding events. Your guests will receive invitations in advance of each wedding event and reminders based on your preferences. The couple will also be able to communicate with the wedding party with any necessary communication leading up to your wedding.

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